Building Permits

The following building permit zoning certificates, sediment control permits and use permits were issued by the Kent County Planning Commission in April 2024.


First District

Barry Brannock: 28×28-foot pole building; 34126 Bradford Johnson Road, Galena.

Gary Donovan: 24×28-foot pole building; 11989 Galena Road, Massey.

Sheila Faulkner: addition/renovation — bathroom, deck and garage; 13961 Augustine Herman Highway, Galena.

Matthew Tucker: single-family dwelling; 31932 Lambson Forest Road, Galena.


Second District

Lewis McDonald: rebuild 100×40-foot pole building; 13200 Bloomfield Road, Kennedyville.

Michael Stiles: shoreline-backfill, 50 linear feet; 28860 Belchester Road, Kennedyville.


Third District

Tambra Ford: 8×10-foot accessory building; 23235 Myers Road, Chestertown.  

David Frees: shoreline-riprap, 55 linear feet; 12533 Still Pond Creek Road, Still Pond.

Julie Honish Carman: 35×17-foot swimming pool; 24329 Waterview Road, Worton.

Hyland Homes LLC: apartment interior renovations, four units; 11149 Old Worton Road, Worton.

James Kaufmann: 16×32-foot accessory building; 12421 Coopers Lane, Worton.

James Kaufmann: single-family dwelling; 12421 Coopers Lane, Worton.

Christian Thompson: 36×40-foot pole building with second floor; 511 Dwyer Road, Betterton.


Fourth District

Dorne Yeager: 26×16-foot garage/addition; 1000 Twin Court, Chestertown.  


Fifth District

Curtis Bogia: 16×25-foot accessory building; 6498 Rock Hall Road, Rock Hall.

Bobby Clark: 40×60-foot pole building; 5468 Eastern Neck Road, Rock Hall.

Michael Friel: renovation, screened-in porch and deck; 22041 Kelleys Park Road, Rock Hall.

George Joyner: renovation, replace porch boards and joist;   21226 Green Lane, Rock Hall.

Gary Mundrake: renovation in pole building; 4884 Skinners Neck Road, Rock Hall.

Matthew O’Malley: 76×6-foot pier with platform; 4797 Piney Neck Road, Rock Hall.

Dennis Reilly: home renovation; 4970 Huntingfield Road, Rock Hall.


Sixth District

William Bolletion: 50×60-foot pole building; 9855 Breezecroft Lane, Chestertown.

William Bolletion: amendment, 50×60-foot pole building; 9855 Breezecroft Lane, Chestertown.

Dean Home Improvement: single-family dwelling; 8858 Georgetown Road, Chestertown.

Joseph Desiata: single-family dwelling with garage; 9786 White Swan Court, Chestertown.

Allan Pleasanton: demolish 23×19-foot home; Louisiana Avenue, Chestertown.

Anne Marie Walters: ground-mounted solar, 14.58kW 36 Qcells; 22770 Fairgale Farm Lane, Chestertown.

Alan Zametkin: shoreline-erosion/stone revetment; 9058 Point Lane, Chestertown.


Seventh District

Gregory Bratton: 12×20-foot accessory building; 5639 Langford Bay Road, Chestertown.

Laurent Claisse: 24×12-foot accessory building; 8120 Brices Mills Road, Chestertown.  

Patricia Heaps: shoreline revetment; 264×8 feet; 6904 Pentridge Lane, Chestertown.

Douglas Winner: accessory buildings, amendment; 8350 Beaver Court, Chestertown.

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