Communitywide door-knocking campaign aims to shape future for children, families

CHESTERTOWN — The Kent County Local Management Board, in collaboration with the nonprofit Everyday Canvassing, is launching a communitywide door-knocking campaign designed to engage and listen to the residents of Chestertown.

The initiative titled KNOCK! Chestertown, running from late August to the end of October, aims to gather insights from households about their experiences, concerns and priorities.

The collected data will serve as the foundation for the Chestertown Children’s Agenda, which will act as a pilot for similar plans in other Kent County communities.

KNOCK is an acronym for Kids and Neighbors Organizing for Change in Kent.

The focus is on inclusive and participatory community research.

The mission, according to a news release, is “to ensure that every voice in Chestertown, especially those from historically underrepresented groups, is heard and considered in local decision-making processes.”

KNOCK! Chestertown is comprised of three phases.

The campaign is currently in Phase 1, which focuses on establishing connections. As part of this phase, Everyday Canvassing is partnering with local organizations, civic groups and community leaders to build relationships and identify potential staff and volunteers.

Initial training sessions will be conducted to prepare local residents for effective canvassing and community engagement.

In August, the campaign will move into Phase 2, which includes canvassing and follow-up.

Trained canvassers will go door-to-door to engage with residents, conduct surveys and gather information, and then follow up with phone calls and texts to ensure “comprehensive community input,” according to the news release.

The campaign’s goal is to reach all 2,000 households in Chestertown, according to the news release.

The final phase, beginning in November, focuses on community engagement.

In this phase, the collected data will be analyzed to create a “children’s agenda” specific to Chestertown.

The plan will be shared with the community through town halls, focus groups and other events to ensure transparency and continued participation.

KNOCK! Chestertown is calling on Chestertown residents to participate.

“By engaging with canvassers and sharing stories and ideas, community members will directly contribute to shaping the future of the community,” the news release states.

Additionally, the campaign is seeking individuals to join the KNOCK! team as canvassers.

There are both paid and volunteer opportunities available.

Kent County residents interested in volunteering can find out more at

The available job opportunity is for a “Community Builder.” The position, which pays $30 per hour, is for seven hours per day for a total of 10 days with the potential for extension. Applicants should be comfortable speaking with community members, proficient in English, comfortable using a smartphone, and either currently living in or having lived in Kent County.

Fluency in Spanish is a plus.

The news release states: “KNOCK! Chestertown is not just about collecting data; it’s about building relationships between residents and fostering a sense of community ownership. By participating, you will help create a stronger, more connected Chestertown where every resident’s voice counts.”

For more information or to apply as a canvasser, contact Mady Nadje at 240-855-4393 or Alternatively, reach out to Tino at 240-264-7102 or

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