Former county employee charged with theft scheme totaling $2,600

CHESTERTOWN — A former Kent County Government employee is scheduled to stand trial next month on a felony charge of conducting a theft scheme and 10 misdemeanors including “embezzle misappropriate.”

Barbara Murphy Rhodes, 55, of Sudlersville was an employee in the county’s human resources office at the time of the alleged offenses, according to investigators with the Kent County Sheriff’s Office.

She is no longer a county employee.

According to the Maryland Judiciary website, the offenses are alleged to have occurred between January and August of 2023.

The Kent County Sheriff’s Office in February of this year opened its investigation into “a theft of approximately $2,500 from the Kent County Government,” according to a sheriff’s office news release.

A criminal summons was issued on April 16 and Rhodes was served on May 7, according to the state judiciary website.

Her court date is July 24 in the District Court for Kent County.

According to the information document prepared by the Kent County State’s Attorney’s Office, Rhodes is charged with eight counts of theft, $100 to less than $1,500; one count of theft, less than $100; one count of conducting a theft scheme, $1,500 to less than $25,000; and one count of embezzle misappropriate.

Count 10 alleges that between Jan. 17 and Aug. 8, 2023, Rhodes did “steal multiple times  from Kent County Government” for a total of $2,623.26. This allegedly was “pursuant to one scheme and continuing course of conduct” in the area of 400 High St., which is the headquarters of county government.

Count 11 alleges that Rhodes, being a fiduciary, did “fraudulently and willfully appropriate money, that said fiduciary held in fiduciary capacity, contrary to the requirements of her trust/responsibility.” This allegedly occurred between Jan. 17 and Aug. 8, 2023 in the area of 400 High St.

In counts one through nine, Rhodes is accused of theft in amounts of $247.13, $65.14, $249.20, $146.50, $686, $200, $416, $219.12 and $394.17.

There is no formal charging document that can be accessed by the public, so a more detailed narrative of the allegations is unavailable.

When contacted by The Evening Enterprise, State’s Attorney Bryan DiGregory wrote in an email on June 18, “my/SAO [State’s Attorney’s Office] policy is to not comment on pending cases.”






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