Foster, Porcher receive schools’ Golden Anchor Award

ROCK HALL — A retired educator and one of the school system’s newer teachers were honored at the December meeting of the Kent County Board of Education.

Evelyn Foster and Abigail Porcher each received a Golden Anchor Award from their respective principal Monday evening, Dec. 11.

The Golden Anchor Award is presented each month to staff members or groups of employees who exemplify the mission and core values of Kent County Public Schools.

“Kent County Public Schools is an anchor organization that creates an environment of academic excellence through a collaborative, equitable and rigorous learning community,” the mission statement reads.

Nominations may be submitted by Kent County Public Schools staff members, parents and students.

Kent County Middle School Principal Mark Buckel recognized Foster for her work returning to the classroom this year as a long-term substitute when they started out shorthanded in English language arts.

“She graciously agreed to step up to do this and faithfully showed up every day,” Buckel said of Foster.

A retired teacher who previously worked at the middle school, Foster initially agreed to serve as a substitute for two weeks. She ended up staying on past Thanksgiving until a new full-time teacher joined the school.

“She’s truly dedicated and she really is a model for younger teachers in our building,” Buckel said. “So we can’t thank her enough.”

Rock Hall Elementary School Principal Gillian Spero read a nomination letter from a parent, celebrating Porcher’s dedication as the teacher of the special education program for 3-year-olds.

“The littlest ones that can’t speak for themselves, she teaches them to speak. The ones that cannot do normal everyday tasks, she teaches them how to be self-sufficient,” Spero read. “All the while, she’s teaching them academics like the ABCs, counting, the environment and much more.”

Spero spoke about Porcher’s focus on teaching children independence by modeling behavior, and the long hours she puts in at the school.

“So to honor you tonight: Thank you for everything you’re doing,” Spero told Porcher. “We recognize you and we appreciate you.”

Trish McGee, owner and publisher of The Evening Enterprise, is an elected member of the Kent County Board of Education. She did not contributed to this report.

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