Garfield Center for the Arts calls for director and title submissions

CHESTERTOWN — The Garfield Center for the Arts at the Prince Theatre has opened its annual call for play and musical titles for production consideration.

Suggestions and proposals can be made by directors who would like to present a play or musical in the 2025 season as well as by interested community members, patrons of the Garfield Center and arts participants.

All proposals must be received by the Garfield Center by midnight Sunday, April 21.

For submissions from directors, the Garfield Center programming committee asks for specific information. Directors should submit a list containing multiple titles (at least three, no more than seven), giving title, playwright, casting requirements and a synopsis for each proposed title.

For each title, directors should estimate the number of rehearsal weeks the title would require prior to opening (including dress rehearsal week).

If the royalty company that owns the rights for a title is known, directors should include that information.

Directors also should explain, per title, why a specific title would make for a successful production at the Garfield Center and for the Eastern Shore community.

Proposing multiple titles will give each director more opportunity for consideration in the process than a single title may provide.

Accompanying their list of title submissions, directors must submit their biography and a résumé of past theatrical experience along with their 2025 calendar year availability.

The Garfield Center for the Arts programming committee also is developing an institutional list of titles that do not have current directorial interest but would be considered good titles for future production.

Any community members, patrons and participants who would like to suggest titles for the institutional list are encouraged to do so.

For institutional list submissions, multiple title suggestions are welcome, but there is no requirement to give more than a single suggestion.

Also, addressing why a title would be a good fit for the Garfield Center and how it would engage the Eastern Shore community is helpful.

Detailed information on submitting a proposal also is available on the Garfield Center for the Arts website at

Anyone wishing to submit titles should compile their proposals into a single list and email it to

Once received, submissions will be acknowledged with a response email.

Directors will be informed of the final selections once the programming committee has chosen the season.

The Garfield Center for the Arts at the Prince Theatre is located at 210 High St. in the Arts & Entertainment District of historic Chestertown.

Its mission is “to invigorate the cultural life of its community by nurturing, celebrating and supporting arts and artists through performance and education.”

To learn more, visit or like the Garfield Center for the Arts on Facebook.

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