Kent nonprofit makes homeownership a reality

CHESTERTOWN — In keeping with its ongoing mission to provide affordable housing solutions in Kent County, Kent Attainable Housing on Feb. 21 announced the sale of its Conley Drive home in Chestertown to Janay Smith and her family.

KAH extended its heartfelt congratulations on what it deemed “a momentous occasion.”

“Having our own home felt like something we could only dream about,” Smith said in a news release announcing the sale. “But thanks to the Kent Attainable Housing team’s help and all the lessons on credit, budgeting, and money, I’m thrilled to say we finally have our own home. It means a brighter future for my kids.”

In addition to providing affordable housing options, Kent Attainable Housing is committed to ensuring the long-term financial well-being of families like Smith’s.

KAH’s financial education programs equip homeowners with knowledge and skills to help manage finances effectively, make informed homeownership decisions and build future wealth, according to the news release.

The nonprofit’s commitment to financial education extends beyond the home-buying process; KAH provides ongoing support and resources to help families achieve long-term financial stability and success.

“We believe that homeownership is a pathway to financial stability,” Executive Director Kate Van Name said in the news release. “Our financial education programs provide families with the tools necessary to thrive, fostering successful homeownership and long-term financial security for their households.”

For more information about Kent Attainable Housing and its commitment to affordable housing and financial education in Kent County, visit

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