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CHESTERTOWN — We came home one day last week to find a door hanger titled “Important Community Notice.”

Talkie Communications alerted residents in our neighborhood that over the next few months, construction crews would be working to build a new fiber-optic network.

The notice read: “The Crews will be on your street, working on the utility poles or underground. They maybe [sic] digging to lay the fiber-optic cable. If you have utility poles or underground equipment on your property, they may need to access them as well.”

The goal, as stated, is to minimize any inconvenience to the residents.

“Rest assured,”the door hanger stated, “after the fiber and necessary equipment are in place, crews will work to restore any affected areas of your yard.”

Work started Monday, March 4.

According to an email that Talkie Co-Chief Executive Officer Andre DeMattia sent to some Chestertown officials, and that Councilman Tim O’Brien shared with The Evening Enterprise, this initiative will cover Spring Avenue, Calvert Street, North Mill Street, North Kent Street, Mount Vernon Avenue, North College Avenue, Prospect Street and West Campus Avenue.

Additionally, according to DeMattia’s email, Talkie “will complete the connection to the 7-11 and offer complimentary internet service to the town office if interested.”

O’Brien told The Evening Enterprise in a Facebook message that Chestertown Mayor and Council made broadband expansion “a top priority” and “put $100,000 to it.”

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