Traffic Report

Chestertown Police

CHESTERTOWN — Devin Marquis Rasin, 37, Millington, on March 12, was charged with driving on suspended license and privilege; driving uninsured vehicle; and displaying expired registration plate.

PFC Eric Nunez conducted the traffic stop at 8:31 a.m. in the 400-block of Morgnec Road.


Kent County Sheriff

GALENA — Agmere Q. Matthews, 32, Dover, Del., on March 20, was charged with driving, attempting to drive while impaired by alcohol; driving, attempting to drive while under the influence of alcohol; fleeing on foot; and resist, interfere with arrest.

According to a sheriff’s office news release, at about 4:30 a.m. DFC Kasey Griffitts was assisting a motorist on North Main Street at Virginia Avenue, when she detected “signs of impairment” from the driver.

The driver, identified as Matthews, subsequently tried to flee on foot. He was apprehended a short distance later, at which time he resisted arrest, according to the news release.

Matthews also was charged with driving, attempting to drive without required license and authorization; driving on revoked out-of-state license; stopping, standing, parking on roadway when prohibited; failure to display license and registration upon demand; and consuming, smoking alcoholic beverages, cannabis in a vehicle on the roadway. 

Bond initially was set at $10,000.


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