Building Permits

The following building permit zoning certificates, sediment control permits and use permits were issued by the Kent County Planning Commission in August 2023.

First District

Brian Aldrich: solar panels on pole building; 11771 Dudley Chance Road, Galena.

Samuel and Jane Alexander: 96×50-foot pole building; 13335 Alexander Road, Massey.

Travis Biggs: 50×6-foot pier with 16×3-foot gangway; 14594 Stirrup Lane, Galena.

Samuel and Julie Johnson: 12×16-foot shed; 31670 Well Bottom Road, Galena.

Candace Leitman and Donald Butler: carport, two bathrooms, laundry and bedroom; 14536 Stirrup Lane, Galena.

Esmeralda Mendoza: site preparation for new dwelling; 31748 Olivet Circle, Galena.

Mark Smith: screen in 20×11-foot porch; 32008 Anchorage Lane, Galena.

Second District

Mark and Jane Garver: after-the-fact enclose three-season porch; 11870 Augustine Herman Highway, Kennedyville.

Hopkins Game Farm LLC: outdoor temporary recreational use for a Savage Race: 28082 Lambs Meadow Road, Kennedyville.

Hopkins Game Farm: outdoor temporary recreational use for a Savage Race; 13003 Turners Creek Road, Kennedyville.

Kent Manor Grain LLC: 152×75-foot manure building; Harmony Corner-Locust Grove Road, Kennedyville.

Kenneth Matthews: 60×20-foot pole building; 11878 Browntown Road, Kennedyville.

George Taylor: home renovation and garage addition; 26075 Bessicks Corner Road, Still Pond.

Third District

Bruce Blackburn: add to current deck; 12230 Azalea Court, Worton.

Green Point Farms: 70×150-foot pole building; 24032 Melitota Road, Chestertown.

Green Point Farms: amendment, change building size to 52×52 feet; 11030 St. James Newtown Road, Worton.

Kenneth Rhodes: 16×12-foot accessory building; 25070 E. Kentfield Road, Worton.

John Van Buskirk: wood stove in detached garage; 11330 Green Cove Drive, Worton.

Donald and Wendy Wharton: roof-mounted solar panels on detached building; 24964 Belleau Wood Road, Worton.

Fourth District

Robert and Melissa Coleman: detached workshop (2,400 square feet) with basement; 9811 Augustine Herman Highway, Chestertown.

Fifth District

Charles Burch: amendment, increase front landing to 8×5 feet; 22081 Harrington Park Road, Rock Hall.

Brodie Cain: home occupation, hair salon; 4891 Piney Neck Road, Rock Hall.

Pierson Properties Chesapeake Farm: demolish 38×100-foot pole building; 5691 Edesville Road, Rock Hall.

Pierson Properties Chesapeake Farm: 80×100-foot pole building; 5691 Edesville Road, Rock Hall.

John Robinson: 24×35-foot pole building; 6928 Rock Hall Road, Rock Hall.

Richard Sonntag: site preparation for new dwelling; 20729 Jamieson Road, Rock Hall.

Richard Sonntag: single-family dwelling; 20729 Jamieson Road, Rock Hall.

Sixth District

Lester Mayne: amendment, change size; 9225 Fairlee Road, Chestertown.

Paul Saywell: two decks with stairway; 8560 Camp Road, Chestertown.

Seventh District

6 Highland Ave. LLC: roof-mounted solar on garage, 16kW; 4746 Cliffs City Road, Chestertown.

Charles Aldrich: windows,  enclosed porch, add second floor; 7968 Aldan Drive, Chestertown.

William Cooper: 20×40-foot inground pool; 6920 Pentridge Lane, Chestertown.

Fox Point Reserve: stone revetment; 23673 Fox Point Farm Lane, Chestertown.

Jonathan Reed: demolish 100×50-foot shed; 24913 Chestertown Road, Chestertown.

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