D-Day salute

CHESTERTOWN — Frank M. Jarman American Legion Post 36 of Chestertown observed the 80th anniversary of D-Day — the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied France — on Thursday evening, June 6, 2024 with a solemn wreath-laying ceremony on the grounds of the Chestertown Armory.

The inscription on the stone monument reads: “In grateful tribute to the men of the medical detachment of the 115th Infantry Regiment Maryland National Guard, both living and dead this shrine is dedicated. Their valiant efforts helped preserve freedom in America, 1941-1945.”

The epic 1944 invasion of Normandy changed the course of World War II. It was the start of the campaign to liberate Europe, and ultimately resulted in the surrender of Germany. 

According to the Maryland Historical Trust, the Chestertown Armory in the 500-block of Cross Street was built in 1931 for Company G, 115th Battalion of the 29th Division of the Maryland National Guard.



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