Santa finds his way to Rock Hall despite thick fog

ROCK HALL — No, there’s nothing wrong with your eyesight.

That’s fog rolling in to the harbor Saturday night as Santa Claus made his traditional arrival in Rock Hall as the main attraction of a boat parade that included Frosty and the Grinch.

Capt. Greg Jetton expertly delivered Jolly St. Nick to the Caroline Avenue bulkhead, delighting a throng of children and their parents who were waiting.

Santa then headed to Main Street, where he ceremoniously lit Christmas trees fashioned out of crab baskets, crap pots and buoys before taking up residency in his house to hear about who’d been naughty or nice.

We’ll have a more thorough report on Santa’s stop in Rock Hall in the next couple of days, but wanted to let our readers know that he didn’t let a little fog — actually the fog was as thick as peanut butter, as Yukon Cornelius would say — keep him on the western shore.

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