LaMotte to talk about debut novel, ‘Follow His Lead’

CHESTERTOWN — Richard LaMotte, award-winning author of “Pure Sea Glass” and “The Lure of Sea Glass,” will talk about his debut novel “Follow His Lead” on Wednesday, March 6 when The Bookplate continues its series of author lectures at The Kitchen and Pub at The Imperial Hotel.

The 6 p.m. event is free and open to the public.

The Kitchen at the Imperial is located at 208 High St. in downtown Chestertown.

“Follow His Lead” is historical fiction that highlights the bond between a scout dog and handler in Vietnam.

According to a synopsis provided on the book’s back cover, in late 1969, Chuck rushes home from college when his father falls ill and passes away. Bitterness over his loss is compounded by the frustration of being unable to afford to return to school.

Chuck rashly enlists in the Army and decides to train as a scout dog handler.

On duty in Vietnam, Chuck’s deep resentment is erased by time spent with his happy-go-lucky roommate Jonesy and his devoted dog Zeke.

After going out of his way to avoid the base chaplain, Chuck learns they have a mutual hero back home. As he faces life-and-death situations almost daily, Chuck finds healing in this unexpected friendship.

Just before leaving for home, Chuck hears that all U.S. scout dogs will be euthanized or given to the vanquished South Vietnamese Army when the United States initiates its withdrawal. He has only days to find some way to protect Zeke’s future, and Chuck knows he can’t do it alone. 

Richard LaMotte grew up in Portsmouth, Virginia, attended college in North Carolina and has lived in the Chestertown area for many years where he is vice president of sales and marketing for the LaMotte Company.

What inspired “Follow His Lead?”

LaMotte answers that on his website: “Years ago, I was watching the news and a very short video grabbed me and never let go. It showed a K-9 police officer sprinting across someone’s front yard carrying his mortally-wounded German Shepherd. He was in a frantic dash for his squad car, and the raw emotions of the handler, at that moment, stayed with me. Several years later, I learned about the special skills of scout dogs in Vietnam and felt the need to one day bring to life a story that could communicate that deep bond between a handler and his dog.”

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