Trojans are tracking down success

WORTON — Thrower Ke’yare Hawkins won her signature events by commanding margins, Kamari Hoxter led the 100-meter hurdles and was second in the high jump, and Zoe Angenieux won on the track and in the field here on April 22, bringing Kent County’s girls within a whisker of their first team victory in recent memory.

KCHS scored 73 points — trailing only front-runner Colonel Richardson (74.5). North Dorchester was an also-ran with 42.5 points and shorthanded North Caroline totaled only six points.

On the boys side, the finish was North Dorchester (104), Kent County (73) and Colonel Richardson (66).

Gavin Larrimore led a crew of Trojans entered in the throwing events. He won the shot put with a school record of 45 feet, 0.5 inches and placed second in the discus with a throw of 118-9.

North Dorchester’s Jase Todd placed first in the discus with a throw of 119-1.5. Teammate Maurion Stanley (97-1) was a distant third.

Also for Kent County’s boys, RJ Peterson (21.9) led the 200 meters; Trent Johnson (56.24) was the runner-up to Colonel Richardson’s Jackson Jean (52.4) in the 400 meters; Kiyan Hynson (46.84) was the runner-up to North Dorchester’s Daniel Mejia (44.9) in the 300-meter hurdles; and Rah ‘Zir Wilson (5-8) was second to North Dorchester’s Jamar Williams (6-0) in the high jump.

In the 4×800-meter relay, Kent County’s team of Johnson, Kevin Stroup, John Coleman and Jack Spray placed second in 9 minutes, 42 seconds — well behind North Dorchester’s winning entry (9:19.0) and well ahead of Colonel Richardson’s third-place team (10:45).

Printed here are complete results for Kent County. This was the Trojans’ only home meet of the season.


100 meters: Michelle Menequin, 15.1, fifth.

200 meters: Zoe Angenieux, 29.8, first.

400 meters: Janey Depp, 1:13.24, fifth; and Delilah Markovic, 1:21.04, sixth.

800 meters: Depp, 3:03.4, fourth; and Markovic, 3:20.8, eighth.

1600 meters: McKenzie Smith, 8:32.00, third.

4×100-meter relay of Kamari Hoxter, Angenieux, Love Jackson and Jaeda Hoxter, 57.0, second.

100-meter hurdles: K. Hoxter, 20.24, second; and J. Hoxter, 20.94, fourth.

High jump: K. Hoxter, 4 feet, 6 inches, first; and Amari-Chi Hollins, 4-0, second.

Long jump: Angenieux, 14 feet, 10 inches, first; K. Hoxter, 14-2, fourth; J. Hoxter, 12-9.5, sixth; and Hollins, 11-2.5, seventh.

Triple jump: Angenieux, 31 feet, 6 inches, first; and J. Hoxter, 29-5, second.

Discus: Ke’yare Hawkins, 92 feet, 4 inches, first; Amaya Barrett, 62-7, third; Molly Depp, 53-8, fourth; Laila Johnson, 50-10, sixth; Kaydence Russell, 43-11, seventh; and Imani Goodridge, 39-8, eighth.

Shot put: Hawkins, 34 feet, 3.75, first; Russell, 27-1, third; Barrett, 25-11.5, fourth; Johnson, 24-7, fifth; and Goodridge, 21-9, seventh.


100 meters: Rah ‘Zir Wilson, 11.24, third; and Colbyn Lopez, 12.54, 10th.

200 meters: RJ Peterson, 21.9, first; Jonah Somerville, 23.2, fourth; and Zayvion Brown, 25.1, seventh.

400 meters: Trent Johnson, 56.24, second; Kiyan Hynson, 56.94, third; Ka’Ron Houston, 1:00.14, fifth; Lopez, 1:00.24, sixth; Ben Coleman, 1:01.24, seventh; Landon Merritt, 1:04.24, ninth; and John Coleman, 1:06.24, 11th.

800 meters: Johnson, 2:25.8, third; Jack Spray, 2:26.6, fourth; Kevin Stroup, 2:29.4, seventh; Joseph Donaldson, 3:13.3. ninth; and Aidan Maxey, 3:18.3, 10th.

1600 meters: Spray, 6:02,3, third; and Stroup, 6:26.9, fourth.

3200 meters: Maxey, 13:57.00, fifth; and Donaldson, 14:39.00, sixth.

110-meter hurdles: Hynson, 20.44, fourth; and B. Coleman, 20.74, fifth.

300-meter hurdles: Hynson, 46.84, second; and B. Coleman, 41.44, fourth.

4×800-meter relay of Johnson, Stroup, J. Coleman and Spray, 9:42.00, second.

High jump: Wilson, 5 feet, 8 inches, second.

Long jump: Somerville, 18 feet, 7 inches, fourth; and Brown, 14-4.5, eighth.

Discus: Gavin Larrimore, 118 feet, 9 inches, second; DeAndre Redding, 95-5.5, fourth; Spray, 95-2, fifth; Avon Hubbard, 82-1.5, seventh; Harrison Gibby, 81-0.5, eighth; TaeShaun Demby, 52-8, 16th; and James Owens, 35-10.5, 17th.

Shot put: Larrimore, school record of 45 feet, 0.5 inches, first; Gibby, 33-8, third; Ja Marcus Downs, 29-6, seventh; Hubbard, 28-3, ninth; Demby, 25-4, 14th; and Owens, 19-3, 18th.

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