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CHESTERTOWN — Washington College‚Äôs military heritage has remained strong with thousands of men and women who have served in the armed services. An estimated 250 are still living, and all were invited to return to campus on Saturday, April 27 for the inaugural Military Appreciation Day.

At halftime of the Washington-Gettysburg men’s lacrosse game, an oversized American flag — said to cover as much as 80% of Kibler Field at Roy Kirby Jr. Stadium — was unfurled, while soldiers and sailors and airmen and Marines and their family members were asked to step forward to be recognized.

The college’s connection to U.S. veterans runs deep, beginning with namesake George Washington, who was commissioned by the Continental Congress as commander in chief of the Continental Army on June 19, 1775.

Washington awarded the first purple-colored badges, known as the Badge of Military Merit (which would later become the Purple Heart medal), to soldiers who fought in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War to honor their valor and meritorious service.

“Following in the footsteps of George Washington, Washington College veterans have played a significant role throughout our history in defending and protecting the freedom of the United States of America and its citizens,” the college’s website states.

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  1. It is exceedingly gratifying to see these young people honoring the sacrifices these veterans made. If I didn’t know better, I’m assuming Dr. Aaron Krochmal had something to do with this given the commitment he has made as fraternity advisor to the Vietnam veteran’s ceremonies.

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